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Our professional team is here to assist you and your organization with capitalizing on the Humaneering v4.0 (beta) open release (2020-2024).

Even if you have never before heard of humaneering — the new transdisciplinary human-system technology for designing and managing 21st century human work — we are ready to bring you and your team up to date.

And, if you are interested in seizing this first-time “open beta” opportunity for early access to humaneering, we can help you quickly acquire a humaneering “insiders” perspective, develop humaneering capabilities for selected members of your organization, and secure humaneering application support as needed.

The Grand Challenge

This infographic depicts humaneering technology fulfilling its role as the natural human-science-based complement to physical-science-based engineering technology.

In effect, humaneering finally provides management with pre-integrated and field-tested science-based principles, methods and knowledge for reliably optimizing the human side of enterprise (e.g., human capital, sales and service operations, innovation and agility). 

Humaneering is developed by managers for managers

The Humaneering Technology Initiative (HTI) was founded in 2002 by a team of managers and human-science professionals. HTI mission is creating a human-science-based human-systems technology (i.e., principles, methods and tools) for the design and management of human work and people-dependent operations.

This development was launched with a disciplined synthesis of relevant knowledge from 200+ science disciplines created with the help of more than 1,000 volunteer scholars and practitioners. 

Beginning in 2014, after years of continuous research, design and limited field testing, the expanded field tests of Humaneering v3.0 (beta) achieved remarkable results in over 200 application field-trials within the operations of more than 70 major organizations.

Just a few of the consistent results included:

  • Humaneering simplifies managing people; saving time, increasing precision and raising effectiveness
  • Humaneering enables 40%+ increases to economic value created by people performing their work
  • Humaneering resolves people issues that frustrate workers and bedevil managers
  • Humaneering makes the same human work and jobs more meaningful, engaging and satisfying
  • Humaneering results in “loveable” jobs that better attract, support and retain genuine high performers

Humaneering v4.0 (beta) is even more powerful, precise, and regenerative.


v.  Application of relevant science disciplines and human-centered principles to practical ends, such as the design, development, and operation of purposeful and effective human activities, collaborations and systems.

n. A universal applied transdisciplinary human science, or human technology, for designing, developing and improving complex systems involving people, such as human work, large organizations, discovery and innovation, product design, service provision, and development of human and social capital.

n. The profession of or the work performed by a humaneer.

You are already a humaneering stakeholder and beneficiary

HTI identified eight principal groups as humaneering stakeholders and beneficiaries, and involved representatives of each group in humaneering’s design and development. In alphabetical order,

  • Executives
  • Governments
  • Individuals
  • Investors
  • Managers
  • Professionals
  • Scholars
  • Vendors

If you want to be more informed and involved in humaneering’s design, development and adoption, your first step is to become either a “Stakeholder” or “Professional” member of the Humaneering “Insiders” Community and get informed. We look here first for panel, project and committee volunteers.


These Humaneering v3.0 (beta) field trial testimonials reveal what’s possible:

Operations Strategy

“We thought our teams should be creating more economic value in their jobs, so it made sense to at least try humaneering in our retail operations. Frankly, I wasn’t expecting the double-digit increase we got with just a few well-received changes.

We’ve since trained key members of our operations, HR and OD groups on humaneering and organized them into improvement teams. We also challenged our managers to improve their operations’ performance by utilizing these teams and what they know.”

CFO, B2C Financial Services

Production Operations

“We’re an award-winning lean operation, yet didn’t see the misalignment in our management systems. HTI’s consultants nailed it in their second week. And with changes welcomed by our production cell group managers, we quickly picked-up a net 7% lift in earnings in this operation . . . that’s going from 11% to 18% net.

We even insisted on a control group to factor out any Hawthorne lift. We’re amazed, if not embarrassed, but really grateful.”

VP Manufacturing Operations, Tier 2 Automotive Component Supplier

Service Operations

“We learned about humaneering after our reengineered service management processes were operational. We minimized the work performed by people, yet failed to concern ourselves enough with the remaining work people would perform. The alienation of our workforce was palpable, and productivity tanked. Performance was worse than before we spent millions of dollars and thousands of hours automating.

HTI identified a path to productivity using humaneering to redesign the remaining work and related management systems. First piloted in one region, they had the service exceeding the reengineering goals in about 60 days. Our people then executed this path in the other regions.”

Executive VP, Operations, Utility Services

Sales Operations

“We had people issues that had been sucking the life out of our reps. I’d been unable to find a way to resolve them. That is, a way to improve things that hadn’t miserably failed at other companies I knew. To be honest, the best thing humaneering had going for it was that it was totally new and easily tested.

Within three weeks HTI’s consultants presented me with a set of changes. Things I would not have imagined were so important to our people. We set out to pilot in one region for 30 days, but never looked back. Within 90 days, sales were up 36%, and the managers and reps in other regions were begging for it. It gets much better, but I’m keeping that a secret.”

VP Sales, B2B Electronic Equipment

R&D Operations

“We are material and product innovators, both solving problems for our clients and conducting exploratory research. For us, neither the problem nor the solution is very clear. HTI’s consultants understood what this meant in terms of the work we do and the special people who do this work.

It became business critical that we find a way to accomplish more of this painstaking work and achieve more breakthroughs, and do it in less time and at less cost. Many who tried said it just couldn’t be done with today’s technology.

HTI did it with humaneering. Working with our managers and development teams, after 15 months, they’ve got us up to almost double our prior productivity, comparing key measures. I think of humaneering as tomorrow’s technology, available today.”

Senior VP, R& D, Biotech Research Operation

Don’t miss your opportunity

Let us assist you and your organization during the Humaneering v4.0 (beta) release (2020-2024).

HTI operates for global public good, and humaneering is free to use. Your only investment is for you or your organization learning how to use it effectively and responsibly, or for hiring a professional humaneer to apply humaneering for you.

Additionally, HTI adheres to strict confidentiality, so the identity of your organization and your specific achievements with humaneering remain protected secrets.

Lastly, HTI’s Technology Transfer group is dedicated to providing you with early access to humaneering to prepare you and your organization for the accelerating evolution of human work during the 21st century human work.

We trust you will contact us when the time is right for you, so don’t anticipate follow-up phone calls or targeted ads just because you visited this site.

Our current services take three forms of support, outlined below. Don’t see what you want? Challenge us, and we will make every effort to provide whatever assistance you request.

Application Projects

Transform your human work with a refresh to a 21st century design

Witness firsthand a more human-centered, 21st century approach to design jobs and manage people so they willingly work at their full potential and achieve more, with greater job satisfaction. Virtually eliminate persistent people problems, and free-up managers to develop their operations.

Professional Development

Enroll your professionals and support staff to capitalize on humaneering

Seize this early access to enroll HR, OD, I/O Psych and Engineering pros, high-potential managers, and support staff into the Humaneering Development and Licensing Program to better capitalize human potential and support the organization’s operations . Stop wasting time and money with outdated work design and management systems.

Strategic Insight

Become an "Insider" to humaneering's progress

Give us your permission to keep you fully informed about humaneering’s development and application achievements. This way, you won’t lose sight of humaneering’s presence and impact, and you can better time your organization’s initiative to capitalize on humaneering’s potential.

Want to know more about humaneering before deciding?

We don’t blame you, after years of using 19th-century management methods. The mere suggestion of a truly better, evidence-based 21st-century workforce management approach — especially after all the “silver bullets” you’ve endured over the years — well, it’s enough to make you first want to know more.

Many of your questions will be answered on this website.

Still other knowledge you want may require you getting involved, perhaps joining our “insider” community, and or by enrolling a few of your organization’s workforce management professionals into our Humaneering Development and Licensing Program (HDLP) to deeply inform their perspective.

If you don’t have that kind of time to spend, consider a demonstration application of humaneering, which HTI’s consultants can execute, typically taking as little as a month and costing about $100K. Experiencing humaneering at work in a trial initiative is compelling evidence.

At the least, present us with a vexing people challenge you’ve got and get our perspective on how we would propose to resolve it. You might be pleasantly surprised.


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