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Humaneering Technology Initiative’s

Technology Transfer Services

Welcome to the Internet home for HTI’s Technology Transfer Services

Let us confidentially assist you and your organization during the Humaneering v4.0 (beta) release (2020-2024).

We are here to give you early access to the new human-science technology for designing and managing 21st century human work. Application and professional development services are now available.

The Humaneering Technology Initiative (HTI) was founded in 2002 by a team of managers and human-science professionals. With self-funding, relevant knowledge from 200+ science disciplines, and disciplined synthesis by more than 1,000 volunteers, HTI is creating a new, systems-view, human-science-centered technology for the design and management of human work and people-dependent operations for the 21st century.

After rigorous research, design and field testing, Humaneering v3.0 (beta) yielded remarkable results in over 200 application field-trials within the operations of more than 70 major organizations. Just a few of the consistent results included:

  • Humaneering simplifies managing people; saving time, increasing precision and raising effectiveness
  • Humaneering enables 40%+ increases to the economic value people create with their work
  • Humaneering resolves people issues that frustrate workers and bedevil managers
  • Humaneering makes the same human work and jobs more meaningful, engaging and satisfying
  • Humaneering results in “loveable” jobs that better attract, support and retain genuine high performers

Humaneering v4.0 (beta) is even more powerful, precise, and regenerative.

HTI operates for global public good. Humaneering is free to use. Your only investment is for you or your organization learning how to use it effectively and responsibly, or for hiring a professional humaneer to apply humaneering for you.


v.  Application of human sciences and human-centered principles to practical ends, such as the design, organization, and operation of purposeful and effective human activities, collaborations and systems.

n. A universal applied transdisciplinary human science, or technology, for designing, developing and improving complex systems involving people, such as human work, large organizations, discovery and innovation, product design, service provision, and development of human and social capital.

n. The profession of or the work performed by a humaneer.

Don’t miss your opportunity

Application Consulting

Transform your human work to a 21st century design

Witness firsthand a more human-centered, 21st century approach to design jobs and manage people to work at their full potential and achieve more, with greater job satisfaction

Professional Development

Develop your professionals to capitalize on humaneering

Seize this early access to prepare HR, OD, I/O Psych and Engineering pros, and high-potential managers, to better capitalize human potential and eliminate typical people problems

Strategic Insight

Give us your permission to keep you fully informed

Become an “Insider” to humaneering’s development and monitor its achievements, so you don’t lose touch and can better time your capitalizing of its potential for you

Coming soon.


See these articles now to learn more about humaneering.

HumaneeringTech is the professional technology-transfer unit for the Humaneering Technology Initiative, a global community of volunteer organization managers, scholars, professionals and other stakeholders creating a universal applied science for maximizing the economic value and self-satisfaction created by and for people, and optimizing the performance of people-dependent business operations.

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