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It’s true, we’ve been humorously accused of having “super” capabilities. And we’re quick to disclose that it’s not us. Rather, it is the impact of an advanced, science-based understanding of human nature at work (i.e., humaneering technology) that we’re adding to your workforce management principles and methods primarily through human work-systems design.

If humaneering is new to you, a proven approach to learn about it is a fixed-price, low-risk “demonstration-of-technology” project. You pick the high-value people problem or opportunity, and then team us up with your people in charge. Together we’ll analyze and diagnose the issue and apply humaneering to develop and validate a solution both you and your organization like. These non-destructive projects generally require four to eight weeks time, and can be halted at your discretion.

Once you get that first look at what humaneering can do, you’ll have no shortage of challenges for it. Working with prior beta clients, we have conceived numerous “strategic initiatives” to apply humaneering that are worthy of your consideration. Of course, every strategic initiative we implement is customized to fit the situation and client preferences.

Strategic initiatives that target specific operations and their improvement opportunities are the quickest to demonstrate humaneering’s capability. Also, such projects allow both managers and workers to develop a natural interest in humaneering.

For larger-scale initiatives (e.g., organic transformation to 21st-century work design and adaptive organization), we encourage use of the “Work-design innovation lab” themed application, which preserves a manager’s operational discretion while still accomplishing senior management’s objectives.

Other stakeholders are busy finding valuable applications for humaneering. These include HR-, talent- and workforce-product vendors; city, state and national governments; consulting and engineering firms; tech start-ups, scale-ups and investors, and individual workers and entrepreneurs. They are seizing early access to humaneering’s potential to lead the adoption of humaneering.

Which humaneering application is right for you?

Whether your goal is keeping up with humaneering’s adoption or getting ahead of the competition, we can design an effective technology-transfer initiative that succeeds for you.

What kind of humaneering application is right for your situation?


Witness firsthand a 21st-century approach to the design and management of work

“It’s a great first experience with humaneering,” according to existing users. “After a few, or even just one, of these fixed-cost, low-risk projects, your mind will be racing as you think of additional operations that will improve with humaneering.”

The idea is for you to choose a people-related challenge that your people have been unable to outwit, and to give our humaneers a chance to first diagnose it and then design and demonstrate a humaneering solution. Book now for January 2020.

Strategic Initiatives

Capitalize on humaneering to re-engage, inspire, develop and retain organization members and increase their productivity

Strategic initiative applications of humaneering have taken many forms to best suit a situation. Several of the popular “themes” noted below are further discussed in articles. Book now for 2020.

  • Workforce preparation for The Fourth Industrial Revolution (article)
  • Business-process humaneering (article)
  • Work-design innovation lab (article)
  • Managing by design (article)
  • HR special forces (article)
  • Job/role/work design refresh

Evidence-Based Management

Practice Evidence-Based Management (EBMgt) to learn the difference it makes

Evidence-based management (EBMgt) is easier and cheaper to promote than it is to operationalize. Few managers or HR professionals will have the time and temperament to access, scour, translate, evaluate, synthesize, field test, summarize and contextually apply the latest science for organization management decision making.

HTI’s “Second Opinion” service facilitates EBMgt practice by accessing humaneering’s evidence database, AI capabilities, and experienced humaneering professionals to provide managers with a real-time EBMgt diagnosis and prescription for any workforce-related question or challenge. Available January 2020.

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