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Prior to humaneering-based DesignedWork’s unconditional release (approx. 2028), early access is managed with a progression of intellectual property (IP) license levels conditioned on a user’s individual’s proficiency achievement. Collectively, these users makeup our “insider” Humaneering Community. Here’s why we do this . . .

First, though DesignedWork v4.0 (beta) is already accurate and stable, it’s not quite as bulletproof as we can get it with more use cases. Because Community members are better informed about DesignedWork, many ask to host DesignedWork field trials.

Second, our work on DesignedWork’s digital interface is not finished, and our human-interface resources are limited. We’re helping independent professionals seize this opportunity to become proficient with DesignedWork so they can provide organizations this support.

Third, we want to assure that communication about humaneering and DesignedWork is limited to what is accurate, and that DesignedWork’s application within organizations is disciplined. Having a like-minded Community makes this much easier.

Joining our “insider” Community is your gateway to humaneering and DesignedWork. When you join, HTI grants you a Level 1 IP License and access to the Level 1 course and additional learning materials, plus access to our fee-based application and support services.


Join our “insider” Community of humaneering and DesignedWork trailblazers, who are learning and leading the way for a smooth and regenerative transition to the future of human work.

You won’t get a sales pitch here. We’re an independent not-for-profit social enterprise, founded and staffed primarily by volunteers—mostly organization executives, managers, engineers and HR practitioners, plus independent professionals, coaches and scholars—all for the purpose of being helpful in accomplishing what no other organization was.

During 15 years of transdisciplinary evidence-based development, we discovered what’s holding back the productivity of knowledge work.

We also now understand what’s keeping employee engagement low, why several past technology advances have created more disruption than economic value . . . and many more insights.

What’s been most surprising to our “field trial” (i.e., private beta) hosts thus far is to witness how their more solution-resistant people issues were unwittingly created by readily changeable management policies and methods that conflicted with human nature.  

The good news for management was they could affect almost immediate improvement with alternative practices that more naturally influenced workers.

Joining this Community will bring you inside the development and adoption process for humaneering technology, and for DesignedWork, humaneering’s protocol for the design and management of human work.

You will be among the first to learn how many of today’s still popular, yet outdated, work design and management practices are constraining the productivity, flexibility and satisfaction of people at work.


For you, we are committed to enabling individuals and organizations to create greater economic value and find greater satisfaction from all forms of human work.

For you, we are taking an institutional approach to achieve this objective, rather than diving into the current promotion-oriented marketplace for branded solutions.

For you, we seek the more effective methods that organizations need and want, rather than accept what’s currently popular.

For you, we are vendor neutral, yet routinely advise inquiring vendors how they can enhance their products and service offerings to create greater economic value for the organizations they serve.

For you and until humaneering and DesignedWork are unconditionally released, we can better complete our work and be more helpful by engaging with you within a self-selected community of people wanting to learn more and be among the first to try humaneering.

For you, this “learning community” approach limits underinformed public discussion of humaneering and DesignedWork during their development, while providing Community members with “first mover” opportunities.

Join us to learn how humaneering and DesignedWork can improve your own work results, and how it can simplify the management and improve the results of human work throughout your organization.

Here are just a few ways you can capitalize on joining this Community.

For Organization Executives, Leaders, Managers, HR Practitioners, Internal Process Engineers and Problem Solvers, and other Stakeholders

Plan Now for the Future of Work

Start now to prepare yourself and your organization with the knowledge and capabilities needed to effectively reconceive human work and manage it more efficiently

Transition to Digital Management

Make the transition to digital work designs and management methods to fully capitalize on digital technology during the coming transformation of human work

Resolve Persistent People Issues

Discover why and how your costly people issues arise and resolve them systemically, rather than continue the waste of financial resources and human potential

Rethink Managerial Economics

Move beyond century old conceptions of labor productivity to how human capital creates economic value, then design and manage to maximize opportunity and performance

Develop Professional Humaneers

Seize the potential of humaneering and DesignedWork by counting on us to transform your key people into fully capable and licensed humaneers to serve your organization

Access Humaneer Network

Look to our free Humaneering Placement Network to supplement your internal humaneering capability when the situation requires

For Independent Advisors, Consultants, Coaches, Organization Developers, Operations Improvers and other Practitioners

Prepare for the Future of Work

Acquire essential knowledge you and your clients will need to prosper during the digital transformation of human work in the coming 5-10 years

Learn 21st Century Work Design

Discover how to design work that brings out the best in people, creates job that employees love, and guides managers toward more effective workforce management decisions

Help Workers Create More Value

Learn why knowledge-work productivity is stalled, and how to help all workers create more economic value . . . increasing the financial value of their services

Resolve Workplace People Issues

Learn why and how so-called “people issues” arise, how to guide clients toward resolving them, and how to prevent their return

Become a Professional Humaneer

Seize the emergence of new professional capabilities, and a new profession, to advance your career prospects as a Licensed Professional Humaneer

Find "Paid" Project Opportunities

Access our Humaneering Placement Network for “paid” opportunities to gain experience on our projects, plus find other humaneers ready to support your own projects

Challenge Invitation

Consistent with our strategic mission, our principal objective for open-beta release of DesignedWork v4.0 is (a) to have it applied to real world challenges that involve people and their work, and (b) to secure anonymous data from these applications.

For several reasons, we need organizations to host these applications.

First, to provide the real world challenge, along with reasonable organizational support and operational access sufficient to enable our open collaboration with the individuals involved.

Second, to demonstrate and discuss with those involved what humaneering and DesignedWork are, how and why they work and, after the results are in, how the gains can be sustained and further increased.

Third, by creating improvements with substantial economic value, we generate value-based fees from these projects. Consistent with our being a not-for-profit organization, we utilize this fee revenue both to cover our direct costs from providing this service, and to fund humaneering’s continuing development.

The Humaneering Technology Initiative, though a not-for-profit enterprise, does not depend on nor accept unearned contributions. We have this policy so we do not, in effect, compete for funding with the many worthy non-profits that cannot as easily generate economic value.

We have exceeded management’s expectations for the more than 200 Challenge Projects we’ve completed for 59 host organizations. Is it time for you to consider a fresh approach to that “people problem” that isn’t improving?

Let us demonstrate in your people-dependent operation the power of humaneering and simplicity of DesignedWORK. You can trust that we won’t be parading your name on the Internet or in conversations to promote our work. Nondisclosure is simply good research etiquette. And it preserves your innovation advantage.  

Additional Services

During the past few years, we have responded to additional requests of our Open Challenge project hosts by creating several, equally praised, follow-up services. This experience, combined with the current stability and precision of humaneering-based DesignedWork™ v4.0, make possible our NEW services for people with no prior DesignedWork experience. We can now teach organization members and independent practitioners how to capitalize on humaneering technology and the DesignedWork protocol, without first hosting an Open Challenge project.

1. Humaneering Proficiency Development Program – We provide an integrated sequence of 7 open-enrollment, self-paced courses, each of which, when satisfactorily completed, will elevate the participant’s proficiency level and reward them with authorization for the next higher IP License Level to continue their development. These courses can be taken anywhere in the world (i.e., all devices, English-only at this time).

A hard-working group of our volunteers and current users, with the support of an Instructional Design and Development professional, were challenged with creating the overall program design, determining the most effective combination of instructional methods, and setting the pricing and other terms. The result is a synthesis of original content and experiences learners find most helpful. Also important, we’ve managed to avoid less helpful aspects of most online instruction (e.g., no instructor, generic content, not actionable), while keeping the time and expense commitment well below onsite-commercial and on-campus academic courses.

Each course includes one year of complete access to the course material and knowledge resources for the corresponding IP License Level. This access can be maintained with continuing membership in the “insider” Humaneering Community.

Complete satisfaction is guaranteed.

2. Humaneering Apprenticeship Program – This onsite development experience combines learning with application to achieve specific organizational challenges determined by management. Participants work with an experienced Professional Humaneer on these real world challenges, learning while doing.

The curriculum of this program is streamlined to focus specifically on the host’s operations. Depending on the scope, scale and timing of management’s objectives, participants will devote all or part of their workday to the Program. Our Professional Humaneer will be responsible for achieving management’s objectives, and will work onsite and remotely with the participants as the situation requires.

Participants typically graduate after 3 to 5 inhouse projects with the special designation of Resident Humaneering Solver, or simply Resident Humaneer (IP Level 4). They are elegible to enroll in the IP Level 5 course, yet will retain the designation of “Resident” to reflect their “focused” development experience.

3. Work Design Innovation Center – We lead the creation and staffing of an on-premises work-design innovation facility (i.e., center, lab, hub, department) for managers to learn about humaneering technology and DesignedWork, and to find all the support needed for them to utilize work design innovation for improving the performance of their operation. This facility is typically staged in a re-purposed conference or classroom outfitted to attract and educate interested organization executives, managers, members and other stakeholders on their opportunity with humaneering and DesignedWork.

We prepare and support a rotating blend of your people selected from corporate functions like operations, HR, IT, finance, quality/continuous improvement, engineering, OD, training and others . . . each potentially having a role to play in DesignedWork projects. Through various internal outreach initiatives, managers are encouraged to consider improvements to people-dependent operations. With executive sponsorship, managers are assured of cross-disciplinary support to facilitate improvements. [Image blur intentional.]

Our prior implementations demonstrate how the presence of this program, including the staffed facility and an appealing outreach of learning and support initiatives, can become a culture-changing influence within organizations not yet focused on innovation, productivity improvement, worker development and satisfaction, and the future of human work.

Download this article for a CFO’s firsthand experience as his organization’s “Champion” for this initiative: New Frontier for Increasing Workforce Productivity, Management Services, Winter 2016, pp. 42-47, Institute for Management Services, UK.

4. Business Process Humaneering – Humaneering people-dependent business processes is a critical early step to fully capitalize on the newest generation of cognitive technologies, and a critical final step to optimize the gains from process engineering initiatives. Because there was no efficient way to accomplish this before humaneering technology was developed, most organizations have been ignoring the vital role of human nature in the productivity of people-dependent work, substantially reducing the potential gains.

Several Champion Project host organizations were quick to conceive of business process humaneering (BPH), after seeing how humaneering technology and DesignedWork created previously inaccessible performance improvements. They had no problem capitalizing on engineering-based physical-operations improvements. It was the people-dependent operations that had them stumped.

BPH involves a comprehensive rethinking of job design and management methods. Most human work is burdened by unnecessary, dysfunctional, value constraining and expensive industrial era management practices. This impact goes unseen by executives because it is most prominent on the lower level frontlines of the organization.

BPH applies design thinking and the most relevant field-validated science pertaining to human work. It focuses work design on human capabilities, and on transforming this human potential into peak sustainable levels of human performance and organizational productivity.

Download this recent article for more insight into this opportunity: Business Process Humaneering, Management Services, Spring 2017, pp. 43-47, Institute for Management Services, UK.

5. Remote Humaneer for Organizations – Staffed by our faculty of experienced Professional Humaneers, this responsive service makes flexible humaneering support accessible to organization executives, managers, and staff professionals. Now, when faced with people-related issues (e.g., policies, staffing, engagement, productivity, development, assignments), decision makers can consider a humaneering approach, or tap into DesignedWork’s diagnosis and prescription for their unique situation.

This service was conceived to complement the onsite Work Design Innovation Center program noted above, and later provided as a stand-alone service. The initial objective was to provide managers at all levels with fresh thinking when dealing with seemingly intractable people issues and when seeking systemic alternatives to traditional workforce management solutions. Live Remote and Email Remote services are available.

Remote Live service simplifies access by capitalizing on the comprehensive capabilities of Zoom (i.e., video or just audio, all devices, 24/7/365, multiple participants, accessible worldwide, recording) and Acuity (i.e., client-determined scheduling). You select the available time that best fits your schedule, provide preparatory details in advance, and then have the conversation, often within a few hours.

Remote Email service is designed for those who prefer to communicate with email. Perhaps you prefer to carefully construct your situation explanation in advance. And, when you receive your reply . . . a carefully worded 1- to 2-page message with analysis, options, recommendation, and further considerations . . . you can easily share it with others you choose to involve. Complementary links and attachments are included with the response when helpful and available.

Now, when faced with people-related challenges, you can augment your understanding and options with a fresh perspective that may otherwise be missed. Some use this service to enhance their understanding of what’s causing the situation, others use it to develop fresh thinking and options for dealing with the situation, and still others form their intention first and then use this service to get a professionally considered “second opinion” before taking action.

10-Week Community Website Marathon

We are committed to providing Humaneering Community members with the most helpful learning and support experience possible. And what better way to do this than by bringing them into the design process.

We’ll admit, our initial plan was to have everything in place when you first arrived. But then it became necessary to go live early to reward the more than 5,800 people on our waiting lists with an early opportunity to sign up for services they’ve patiently awaited.

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Question and comments play a vital role in the development and testing of humaneering and DesignedWork.

We strive to respond within a day or two, yet some questions require specific expertise or research and may take longer.

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