Discover Humaneering!

We’ve already examined the science and conducted “real world” field testing for you.

It’s a great time to discover humaneering

Join the few thousand explorers and pioneers who have already experienced an earlier “private” release of humaneering technology.

This is your opportunity to experience firsthand the most significant development in the design and management of human work since employers discovered worker training about a century ago.

Prepare your organization to seize on the first “open” release of humaneering (v4.0 beta), which is scheduled to run for five years, between January 2020 and December 2024.

Humaneering is created for the public good and free to use. The only costs involved are learning how to apply humaneering, or to hire someone who has learned already. This professional development assures all stakeholders of the fidelity of humaneering and its accurate communication and effective application.

When humaneering’s development is completed, a “common” level of humaneering will be readily accessible to all and available for teaching in schools and colleges. The “professional” levels of humaneering will continue to require a professional education and apprentice experience.

Make a difference

You can make a difference in this initiative by becoming aware of the development objectives for the 2020-2024 open-beta release and selectively sharing your knowledge of this opportunity with your colleagues and professional network:

  • Develop 300,000 employees of any organization to Humaneering Apprentice (IP Level 1)
  • Develop 15,000 employees of any organization to Humaneer (IP Level 5)
  • Develop 5,000 external consultants to Professional Humaneer (IP Level 6)
  • Support the launch of 500 niche humaneering consulting firms
  • Support and document 25,000 humaneering application cases
  • Perform 1000 HTI-staffed humaneering application assignments

Which of these opportunities interests you personally, or sounds like a great fit for a colleague or someone in your professional network?

Can you see yourself starting a niche humaneering consulting firm with HTI’s support? Or perhaps you are in a position to assure that your organization develops humaneering capability among workforce managers and within HR and all people-dependent operations (e.g., customer service, sales, service delivery)? Maybe you want to be the first in your organization to mention humaneering and arrange a demonstration for management?

Because humaneering remains a well-kept secret, you can distinguish yourself as an innovator. Maybe this is your chance to position yourself for future success within your organization or to pivot your career to a future of being in high demand during the 20 to 30 years it will take the world to fully assimilate humaneering. Whatever you choose, HTI is here to support you.

Humaneering’s stakeholders

The Humaneering Technology Initiative (HTI) identified in the beginning eight implicit stakeholder groups that deserved thorough consideration during humaneering’s development. More is said elsewhere about each stakeholder group. 









Each group receives consideration for the people-related challenges and opportunities it’s members face, plus the typical empowerment and constraints that enable and limit management action. Of course, many individuals fit into more than one group.

There will be no better opportunity before public release — now anticipated for 2028-2030 — to get early access and learn firsthand about humaneering and all it can do for you and for organizations. You will be appreciated for alerting your colleagues and professional network about this opportunity.

Humaneering will impact industries, markets, employment, jobs, work and more

Much as engineering enabled the industrial revolutions, humaneering will surely enable a workplace management revolution. Today’s global scale of business, mind-boggling complexity and breakneck pace of change are pushing today’s still-dominant 100-year-old industrial management practices far beyond their limits.

Real-world field applications of humaneering already show how it enables managers to spend less time managing people while being more effective at capitalizing untapped human potential. Simultaneously, humaneering enables workers to develop themselves and achieve more, and to find greater meaning and satisfaction in their work.

Both humaneering and engineering, each focused on its respective domain — living human systems (i.e., humaneering) and non-living material systems (i.e., engineering) — are essential technologies that all of us, not just management, will need to learn and practice if any of us are to achieve our potential in any role, from front line customer service agent to the manager in charge.

Executives and managers already familiar with humaneering say it creates a step-increase in managerial and organizational potential, taking us to “Workforce Management 4.0“, a more sophisticated science-based level of workforce management that is capable of

  • Achieving substantially higher levels of human performance and productivity
  • Providing workers with greater potential, autonomy, respect, development and job satisfaction
  • Making managing people quicker and easier so managers can focus on being more productive themselves 

You can be an early beneficiary

While in development, knowledge about humaneering and its development is restricted to only those people working toward its development. This consists of two groups

The largest group includes mostly volunteer scholars and professionals working toward discovery and synthesis of the science-based knowledge from which humaneering is conceived for testing. Many of these people and their organizations are already capitalizing on humaneering by continuing to use what they learned.

The fast growing group is made up of selected stakeholders who got to experience humaneering during the past 10 years, either by working at an organization that hosted a “real world” field trial of v2.0 (beta) or v3.0 (beta), or by working for HTI to provide professional support for these projects.

What’s new for this release is that early access to humaneering is available to anyone who seizes the opportunities HTI’s services provide.

Why don't you just release humaneering to everyone?

There are several reasons why humaneering is not available to everyone at its current stage of development.

One of the “problems” (i.e., in the words of managers) managers have is sorting out what’s true and applicable from what’s said in the marketplace promotion to them of methods and products. They want a single authoritative source that provides evidence-based knowledge they can count on. Too much doesn’t work the way it was promoted. So, if humaneering was openly released before it was highly reliable, then it wouldn’t be any more trustworthy than any other knowledge in today’s noisy marketplace.

Another reason is that the Humaneering Technology Initiative, the organization overseeing humaneering’s development, application and governance, operates for the public good and is self-funding based on the application consulting, professional development, and communication services it sells. This limits the resources available to function on a larger scale. With reasonable discipline, HTI is able to satisfy the demand for early access as it patiently expands, and doing so generates revenue to fund development expenses. Most of the development and staff support work is done by volunteers.

Still another reason is there are not sufficient people fully competent in humaneering to satisfy greater demand. An economist who one of the board members hired estimated that continued smooth expansion of early access will require the development of thousands of professional-level humaneers within the next few years. This is precisely why HTI developed the new Humaneer Development and Licensing Program HDLP to develop humaneers in an individual yet sequenced way.

And related to this, HTI developed a self-governance program using IP licensing to assure organizations can identify the real humaneers. The focus of this program is to genuinely develop high-functioning professionals both within organizations and practicing as independent consultants, and to help the marketplace connect with these people and help these humaneers find employers and clients. Right now, the demand for humaneers far exceeds the supply.

The goal here isn’t to prevent people from accessing humaneering. Rather, various levels of humaneering knowledge are made available in “IP-license” levels associated with a person’s interest in the knowledge and their agreement and capability to apply and share the knowledge responsibly, in accordance with HTI’s licensing guidelines. The humaneers have the greatest access and the development instruction to support their license level. The public will also have access to “lower” levels of the knowledge to the extent it can be useful.

Application Projects

Transform your human work with a refresh to a 21st century design

Witness firsthand a more human-centered, 21st century approach to design jobs and manage people so they willingly work at their full potential and achieve more, with greater job satisfaction. Virtually eliminate persistent people problems, and free-up managers to develop their operations.

Professional Development

Enroll professionals and support staff to capitalize on humaneering

Seize this early access to enroll HR, OD, I/O Psych and Engineering pros, and high-potential managers into the Humaneering Development and Licensing Program to better capitalize human potential and support the organization’s operations. Stop wasting time and money with outdated work design and management systems.

“Insider” Access

Become an "Insider" to humaneering's progress

Becoming an “Insider” gives us your permission to keep you fully informed about humaneering’s development and application achievements. This way, you won’t lose sight of humaneering’s presence and impact, and you can better time your organization’s program to capitalize on humaneering’s potential.

Grab “pre-release” savings before December 31, 2019

Here are some special pricing discounts to encourage you to act now to reserve your place in the first “open” release ever of humaneering. We’ve come up with some offers we think you’ll like:

“Insider” Access

The price for “Insider” membership at the Stakeholder level is $40/yr. The Professional level is $120/yr. And the Executive is $4,800/yr. Compare the benefits of each level.

You may want to take advantage of a one-time savings we are making available.

During the pre-release period from September 2019 through December 31, 2019 only, anyone starting or renewing an Insider membership will receive five (5) years of paid membership for the price of one (1) year. Choose any level of membership and, when you checkout, use the coupon code “pre-release-insider” to receive this savings.

During the first three (3) months of the new release, from January 1, 2020 through March 31, 2020, anyone starting or renewing an Insider membership will receive two (2) years of paid membership for the price of one (1) year. Choose any level of membership you want and, when you checkout, use the coupon code “new-release-insider” to receive this savings.

Effective April 1, 2020, the normal prices will resume.

Professional Development

The price for the Humaneering Development and Licensing Program (HDLP) – Level 1 is $2,240. The prerequisite for Level 2 is passing Level 1. Levels 2 to 4 are also $2,240, and Levels 5 to 7 are $4,240, with the additional $2,000 covering costs for increased practice supervision and coaching support. Only because we operate for the public good can we offer such a value.

Huge one-time savings are now available.

Enroll in Level 1 on or before December 31, 2019 and save US$1,000 with the write-in coupon “pre-release-level1”.

Enroll in Level 1 between January 1, 2020 and March 31, 2020 and save US$500 with the write-in coupon “new-release-level1”.

Furthermore, if you enroll and take advantage of either of these savings, we will continue to give you that same savings for each and every additional HDLP course you enroll in within the next two years!

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