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Humaneering is a powerful, evidence-based, workforce management technology. And because every organization and people-dependent operation is unique in critical dimensions, initial applications of humaneering require guidance by professional humaneers and support by humaneering practitioners to assure desired outcomes.

The preparation of humaneering professionals has advanced slowly up to now. Private placement of prior releases typically depended on hands-on client-site development of professionals through structured apprenticeship programs and practitioners through ad-hoc workshops and on-the-job learning.

With the “open” release of v4.0 (beta) in January 2020, a new professional development program will be introduced. The new Humaneer Development and Licensing Program (HDLP) open-enrollment cohorts will begin monthly beginning in January.

In addition, open-enrollment, plain-language programs for the public and practitioners are in development and will be released throughout the next year. Altogether, this means humaneering will soon be learned anywhere in the world using online instruction and live remote practice-support (for practitioners) and practice-supervision (for professionals) provided by experienced Professional Humaneers.

Client organizations and individual learners both will enjoy multiple options for learning humaneering during the v4.0 (beta) release (2020-2024). These include new offerings that will be introduced during the runup to 2020 and throughout the release. 

Here’s a brief overview of programs already in development or ready to begin.

Humaneer Development and Licensing Program (HDLP) NEW – Enroll Now for Level 1 in 2020

The HDLP is a series of open-enrollment professional-development courses corresponding to the 7 levels of IP licensing for professional humaneers (see infographic below).

The uniform course design includes sequenced yet self-paced online modules and lessons combined with bi-weekly remote live instruction and continuous faculty guidance and access for participants.

The Level 1 course is a technical introduction to humaneering’s fundamentals and reviews the remaining courses. The Level 2 through Level 4 courses develop fundamental humaneering capabilities — knowledge synthesis, human systems design, and human system diagnosis and improvement — and involve increasing amounts of supervised practice. The Level 5 through Level 7 courses focus on simultaneous achievement of both management’s operational objectives and workers’ human needs, and on project design and implementation, while continuing to provide close support and practice supervision for the participant.

Employer-Site Apprenticeship – Add to Applications

Employer-site apprenticeships have been the “go-to” professional development program since HTI’s founding. Client employees complete the Level 1 course in a five-day on-site workshop, preparing those who pass the IP license exam to continue their learning by working on of a series of management-determined objectives. This learning approach, while lengthening project duration somewhat and culminating with only a Level 4 license (i.e., sufficient to perform client-specific humaneering), will continue to be available as an add-on starting point for future client assignments.

Introduction to HumaneeringComing Soon

This public-level, plain-language introductory course will provide an overview of humaneering, emphasizing three topics. First, what is humaneering and how is it created and sustained. Second, how is humaneering being utilized to improve both operations performance and worker satisfaction, while creating a vibrant, agile, and better-performing alternative to the 125-year-old factory approach to management still depended on by many organizations. Third, what opportunities exist for interested individuals to get involved in either the research & development or practice & support of humaneering, and to capitalize on a new chapter in the design and management of human work. 

Requested Short Courses – Coming Soon

A survey of our Insider’s community, plus specific requests from large employers and consulting firms, led to the selection of humaneering short courses now in development for release within the coming months. These include:

  • HR Special Forces
  • Business Process Humaneering
  • Work Design Innovation
  • Workforce Management 4.0
  • Human Capital Management 4.0
  • Managing People With Work Design
  • The Future of HR is What You Make It

Participant Praise

This shameless selection of praise for HTI’s instruction of humaneering was selected to provide deeper insight into these courses.

Eric, Continuous Improvement Team

“The apprenticeship during our projects was very helpful for that initial improvement. That was several years ago. This additional learning has really made a difference for me in what I know and can do, and has greatly helped my confidence to face some of the more challenging projects ahead, like digital integration and reducing human capital waste.”


Julie, HR Business Partner

“I wonder if all you people developing humaneering really understand what a great contribution you are making. Those of us who learned this in that first project now walk around like we’re on fire. There is no problem we won’t tackle and solve. It’s a new capability for HR, but we’ve become management’s best friend. Keep up the breakthrough!”


Kim, CFO

“If you think about it, design makes everything better. I just assumed we were designing work and jobs to maximize the outcomes. My eyes have been opened. There are so many ways we can improve our results. Where to start?”


 Raj, CEO

“Thanks for allowing me to sit in on your sessions. You did a good job of preventing me from stifling the open dialog. I want to compliment you on what humaneering is doing for our organization. Some people are coming along faster than others, as expected, yet I am really surprised at how quickly humaneering is changing the organization’s culture for the better. I can’t remember ever before witnessing such energy, positivity, and commitment to advancing the company into the 21st century.”

Ryan, OD Specialist

“Your generosity of spirit with which you treated competing ideas is a great example of humaneering in action. You walk the talk. Plus I learned more useful knowledge in course 1 than any other single course ever.”


Marisa, Inside Sales Representative

“The toughest online course I’ve ever taken, and I loved the challenge. This is more like a graduate course in its challenge and accuracy, but without all the useless assignments to do and information to remember. All business!”


Ethan, Product Manager

“Surprised actually, for an online program, at how engaged I became, how interactive the lessons were, and how valuable it was to have the instructor comment on my work, respond to my questions, and meet with me online.”


Megan, I/O Psychologist

“Wow! What a wake-up call. Talk about naive. I didn’t have a clue. I go to all these conferences, and people are just discussing the same old topics, like nothing’s changing. I was even invited to present at a conference this year, and it embarrasses me now to think about what I said. No one seemed to know any better. Thanks for waking me up.”

Nigel, Software Engineer

“What I appreciate most is what I’ve learned about how to greatly increase the value I can create in my own work. I’ve been trying to find a way to rise above my thousands of peers here, and now I have it. Thanks!”


Lucy, Director, Training & Development

“Great course! Really like the 4-step instruction sequence. This make it lots easier to keep up, and persist with the more challenging assignments. I’d like to learn more about how you structured this.”


Anne, HR Senior Vice President

“Hell of a lot more career potential than another masters degree, not to mention less investment of time and money.”


Liz, Shift Supervisor

“I really appreciate the individual career guidance I received from the instructor. I’ve got a much deeper understanding of people and their work, and feel like I’m now equipped to make an important contribution.”

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