The Institute for Humaneering Science and Technology seeks to achieve the broad social, economic, and political potential inherent in substantially greater use of the human sciences to guide human activity. The Institute will accomplish this mission through the development, dissemination, and governance of an integrated human-science technology for potentially optimizing human endeavors. This new technology will be called humaneering, both to honor its naming by visionary scholars in the early 1940s, and to capitalize on people’s intuitive understanding of humaneering as applied human science just as engineering is applied physical science.

To accelerate the achievement of humaneering technology’s inherent potential, responsibility for the development of this technology and a supporting infrastructure is focused (i.e., outsourced) in a central entity, the Humaneering Technology Initiative LLC, with leadership provided by James S. “Jim” Pepitone, whose pioneering work in applying the human sciences to organizational and instructional challenges validated the substantial potential for a human-science technology.  

The vision for humaneering includes